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Helleborus argutifolius Helleborus argutifolius
Tall growing plant that can reach 1.2m. An established clump can be 1.2m across. Leathery, light green, toothed leaves. In late winter, each stem bears up to 30 pale green, cup shaped flowers up to 5cm across. For full sun or light shade and well drained soil.
Helleborus foetidus Helleborus foetidus
Plants grow to between .6-1.2m. high. Dark green leaves, sometimes with a bluish tint. Flowers are cylindrical, pale green with a brown or red band at the tip.
Helleborus niger Helleborus niger
Shorter in height, it only reaches 30cm. tall, with dark green, leathery leaves divided into 7-9 segments. Large white flowers up to 7.6cm. across in late winter. The flowers turn pink as they fade, giving a very pleasing combination of flower color on each plant.
Helleborus x sternii Helleborus x sternii
A cross between H. argutifolius and H. lividus that has characteristics of both parents. Up to .91m. tall with gray-green leaves and pale green flowers flushed with pink.
Helleborus torquatus Helleborus torquatus
Finely divided foliage and growing to between 30-45cm. A deciduous species with flowers being green inside and purple - blue/black outside.

Helleborus x hybridus

single white single white £6.00
single white spotted single white spotted £6.00
single pink single pink £6.00
single pink spotted single pink spotted £6.00
single apricot single apricot £8.00
single apricot spotted single apricot spotted £12.00
single yellow single yellow £8.00
single yellow spotted single yellow spotted £10.00
single purple single purple £6.00
single black single black £12.00
single slatey-blue single slatey-blue £12.00
double white double white £15.00
double white spotted double white spotted £15.00
double pink double pink £15.00
double pink spotted double pink spotted £15.00
double apricot double apricot £15.00
double apricot spotted double apricot spotted £15.00
double yellow double yellow £15.00
double yellow spotted double yellow spotted £15.00
double red double red £15.00
double purple double purple £15.00
double black double black £15.00
double slatey-blue double slatey-blue £15.00
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