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We do not offer online ordering at this time. Please print out the Order Form. If you require more space, simply print out additional copies of the form, number the pages and put your name on each page.

Please print or type your order form. Your handwriting may be creative and interesting, but if we can't read it, your order will go to the bottom of the stack.

The information on this site relates to mail order service to customers in the UK and EU only. I may consider shipping plants to other countries if the size of the order justifies the work and costs involved. Contact me by e-mail if you are interested in ordering plants from outside the UK and EU. Anyone wishing to visit the garden to see the hellebores may do so by appointment during January/February at which time plants will be for sale in pots. Please contact me by e-mail, or by telephone on 01685 - 379115.

There is a minimum order requirement of £15.00.

Shipping Costs: Flat packaging rate of £ 2.00 per order; Mainland UK: First Class Postage - £3.50 per order. Special rates apply for European and non mainland U.K. Please e-mail for details. Be sure to state your location in your email.

Payment must accompany your order for it to be processed. Payment may be made by personal or business check in pounds Sterling. We cannot accept credit card orders at this time. We can accept checks in other European currencies. There will be a minimum £6.00 service charge for currency conversion.

You will receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your order via email. If you have no email address, we will send your order acknowledgement by post.

Up To Top Of PageCare Upon Receipt of Plants:

Each order will be shipped with aftercare instructions. We are including a portion of these instructions so that you can be prepared to provide the care necessary for bare root plants to thrive in your garden.


It is vital that plants are not allowed to dry out, so as soon as they arrive they should either be potted up or packed in damp peat until they can be potted up.

Plants should be watered as soon as potted up/planted and then kept damp (but not too wet) to encourage new root growth.

Plants can be planted straight out into the garden, but they should be planted in a sheltered spot where they are not going to get too wet or too dry and where, if possible, temperatures will not drop below freezing for the first winter. If your winter temperatures will be below freezing for extended periods, planting under the shelter of trees or shrubs or providing a temporary tunnel made of shade cloth will help protect the plants. Mulch the ground well after planting.


If you live in an area where danger of frosts has passed, the plants can be planted straight out into the garden but must be kept well watered for a couple of weeks. In areas where there is still danger of frost, the plants should be potted up and kept in a frost-free area so that they can be kept well watered until they have recovered from shipping. They can be planted out in the garden as soon as risk of frost has passed.

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